Ocean Data Solutions

World Leading Survey Expertise


As a global and world-leading ocean survey company, we are committed to the adoption of new and innovative technologies to provide value focused solutions to offshore industries. 

Blue Ocean Monitoring was established on the belief that autonomous technologies, surface and subsurface will play a major role in the future of ocean surveys to increase efficiency, drive down costs and minimise risk in offshore operations. 

With unrivaled experience in the deployment and management of unmanned vehicles, and the world's largest commercial owner and operator of subsea gliders, Blue Ocean Monitoring are uniquely positioned to deliver highly practical and cost-effective results.


Autonomous vehicles are proven in to positively impact your offshore projects by reducing:

  • Cost

  • Risk

  • Schedule

  • Logistics

With minimal environmental impact, entirely reliant on onboard power supply, these technologies can improve your specific data requirements in:

  • Resolution


  • Quality